Himalayan treks offer some of the most iconic and beautiful treks in Nepal, Tibet, India, Ladakh, Kashmir and Pakistan.


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Pokhara valley located between the Greater Himalaya and Mahabharata Range occupies the most central location in Nepal. It is the only valley in the world with the view of mountains above 8000 meters from a close proximity. Out of the 4 highest mountains of the world above 8000 meters, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu can

The best known lake in Ladakh is Pangong Tso. Between 2-10 km wide and 150 km long, Pangong is about 150 km east of Leh, at an elevation of 4,300 m. Its salty waters caress the shores of both India and China – in fact, two-thirds of the lake’s waters are in Chinese territory.

Lumbini is one of the most sacred places in the world. Over many centuries people have developed visions of the place where Gautama Buddha was born. There are certain attributes and characteristics that are part of the common understanding of Lumbini. However, people have different perceptions, expectations and visions of Lumbini. They all are

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